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    samedi, novembre 25, 2006


    Bon. Comme vous ne le savez peut-être pas encore, je m'évertue depuis peu (pas facile) à créer une version anglaise (sous-entendu : internationale) de ce Blog.
    À titre d'exemple, pour les pauvres Français qui traîneraient éventuellement ici, voici donc (DSL) l'intégralité du dernier Post publié sur SNEAKERS & CO, histoire de faire découvrir aux Américains la marque fétiche encore ignorée là-bas, à vous de traduire :
    Since I have decided to create an English version of my fabulous french Blog SNEAKERS & BUFFALOS, I have a lot of new American readers, and I’m quite certain, they have absolutely no idea what BUFFALO actually means ?
    Yes, of course, it is an fascinating animal, and also a little town between New York and Detroit… But for us, European people, it is mostly a famous brand of (platform) sneakers, very popular between 1990 and 2002 (I know, I’m a little "out of date", but I love Buffalos overall), created in Germany by Mike Conradi, but made essentially in Spain (and a little part in Korea).
    For all these reasons, Buffalos were (and are still) very popular in all Anglo-Saxon countries (except U.S.A), such as Germany, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Island, England (with the special department BUFFALO LONDON), Spain and France (but not Italy, I don’t know why, maybe because of the quite similar brand FORNARINA ?), and also Japan, one more time with the special department BUFFALO JAPAN.
    Strange thing : Mike Conradi was initially the first man to allow direct importation of Texas "Santiagos" in Germany, with very low prices, and he always said that the design of these "Santiags" (with two or three bands of leather with different colors, and quite a high heel) gave him the inspiration to create one of the first models of this firm, the "so called" 1345-14 (They're so nice, I love them !) :

    One thing you have to know is that the designers of Buffalos are all genius & brilliant, but have absolutely no imagination to create attractive shoes names (like, for example, REEBOK with the designations of Princess, Freestyle, etc.), and it’s sadly always a hard-to-memorize succession of numbers, like these two very famous brands, the 1348-14 with the strap :

    And the 2003-14, with its typical and beautiful 18 squares :

    These three models were, throughout these years, the most popular models from Buffalos, sold with millions of exemplars (also in the "open" version - 1329-14 - for the summer) :

    Buffalos are quite heavy (strange, by the way, that these shoes were the favorites of the disco dancers & ravers), but made in very fine leather, are very comfortable, and in winter so warm… a real pleasure !
    Since then, Buffalos has created more "normal" models of sneakers, one of these - 1710-20 & 1721-20 - only sold in Germany or OnLine (but I love also these, a little similar to NIKE, with the "bubble AIR heel") :

    I’m just expecting these first one from Ebay.de, with this incredibly Zebra leather, lol !
    And of course, also this very, very, very popular model (officially 2410-57, but everyone calls these “Flames”), with this stupendous design, and very comfortable to wear (these one are made in Korea) :

    Unfortunately, the end is near for this legendary firm. If you go on their site BUFFALO, you can find a lot of very “normal” shoes (essentially women, and not so beautiful), but just only a very few exemplars (click on Classics) of these famous models, who have made this firm famous.
    The good thing is : when you love a "cult" model like Buffalos, a little "out of trend" (same thing about my so beloved Reeboks Freestyle or Princess), you can get a very good deal on Ebay, and especially Ebay.de (more than 100 Buffalos each day) !

    American people : welcome to the BUFFALO Community !
    Enjoy it !

    (Thanks to Patricia and Shannon for the corrections).

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    Blogger Vincenttheone said...

    Comme il n'y a plus un seul COMMENT depuis plus d'un mois, je teste, au cas où j'aurais moi-même bloqué cette fonction... Mais non, apparemment, tout marche très bien !

    samedi, 25 novembre, 2006  

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